Saturday 21St February
HPV vaccination coverage and impact
1 Coverage update and impact on cervical disease Dr Julia Brotherton View Presentation
2 Impact for Indigenous women (the VIP-I study) Ms Dina Saulo View Presentation
3 HPV surveillance studies A/Prof Sepehr Tabrizi  
Future directions for the National HPV Vaccination Program
4 The First 5 years of HPV Vaccination in Australia – A National Evaluation Professor Peter McIntyre, Director NCIRS View Presentation
5 Optimal number of HPV vaccine doses in terms of cost effectiveness A/Prof Marc Brisson View Presentation
6 Population Level Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of the 9-Valent Vaccine A/Prof Marc Brisson View Presentation
Response to change in cervical screening environment
7 The renewed national cervical screening program: Implementing the changes Prof Ian Hammond View Presentation
8 Compass - a randomised controlled trial of HPV screening in Australia
A/Prof Karen Canfell View Presentation
9 Implementation of screening in the Netherlands Prof Chris Meijer View Presentation
Response to change in cervical screening environment... Continued
10 Regulation of HPV tests Prof Chris Meijer View Presentation
11 Quality and safety monitoring of the Renewed program Dr Phil Castle View Presentation
12 Supporting Systems and Process Strategies to Improve HPV Immunisation in the school based immunisation program Heather O’Donell View Presentation
13 HPV Testing Every Five Years: Victorian Women’s Initial Reactions to Renewal Recommendations Hiranthi Perera View Presentation
14 Evaluation of the Xpert HPV Test for the detection of human papillomavirus infection in women using self-collected vaginal compared to clinican – collected cervical specimens Andrew Valley View Presentation
15 Cervical Screening success at a regional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Clinic Sandy Anderson View Presentation



SUNDAY 22nd February
Challenges in cervical screening: Lifting participation
16 HPV self-sampling – the iPap trial A/Prof Dorota Gertig View Presentation
17 Cervical screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
A/Prof John Condon
Ms Lisa Whop
18 Closing the data gap to improve cancer outcomes Ms Louise Galloway View Presentation
Challenges in HPV vaccination: Lifting participation
19 School-based HPV immunisation: The WA experience Professor Paul Effler View Presentation
20 Improving school based HPV vaccination delivery: The study A/Prof Rachel Skinner View Presentation
21 Addressing the impact of misinformation and fear A/Prof Julie Leask View Presentation
Cervical cancer prevention in our region: How can we help?
22 Cervical cancer: what is our region and who is at risk? Ms Bianca Barbaro View Presentation
23 Cervical cancer prevention in Japan - troubling times A/Prof Sharon Hanley View Presentation
24 Global Cervical Cancer Control Dr Phil Castle View Presentation